Glycine Aminoacetic Acid, Aminoethanoic Acid

Food grade glycine, also referred to as E640, is a food additive used to enhance flavours and help preserve foods. With a sweet taste it possesses the ability to balance overly salty or bitter flavours, masking any unpleasant taste in finished products.

It is also an excellent pH buffer and stabiliser leading to its use within many pharmaceutical antacid products.

Glycine is also a key building block within a wide range of industrial applications which includes chemical synthesis, intermediates and metal complexing agent.

Glycine Food Grade powder from Monarch Chemicals is a white, crystalline solid with an assay of 98.5 – 101.5%. Available packed in bulk 25KG bags by the pallet.

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Cas Number : 56-40-6
EC Number : 200-272-2

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