Our Capabilities

With over the years of experience serving industries throughout the UK we have been able to grow and adapt to the ever evolving demands of a modern supply chain. We have the capabilities to blend and manufacture liquids and powders with precision and have the ability to provide these in both small and large volumes. We also only work under non-disclosure agreements so you can be reassured that details of your intellectual property are kept in the strictest of confidence. Once your product is finished, exactly to your specifications, we can supply it in containers suitable for your business needs, so whether you need 25 litre polys or up to bulk road tankers, we operate on a fully flexible basis to ensure we always deliver on promise, service and quality. Below is a sample of our on-site capabilities. Our commitment is to you and to provide you with a service of quality and accuracy, so if you do not see what you are looking for, please get in touch . Liquid Capabilities 19,000 litres Stainless Steel 14,000 litres GRP (glass re-enforced plastic) 5,000 litres Stainless Steel 4,000 litres GRP (glass re-enforced plastic) 3,000 litres Stainless Steel 1,800 Stainless Steel (glycol cooled) 1,800 litres stainless steel 2 x 1000 litres Multi-Purpose Overhead Mixer 200 litres Stainless Steel (Trial Batch) In-Line Silverson 600LS High-Sheer Mixer for Dispersions Full dust and fume extraction in place Heating facilities up to 60°C Powder Capabilities 2 x 1000 Kg Ribbon Powder Blender 1 x 500 Kg Ribbon Powder Blender Please note: Unfortunately no flammable blends or reactions can be carried out on site.